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Law Firm SEO Experts

Law Firm SEO ExpertsEsqRank is a US-based SEO and web design firm. We cater exclusively to attorneys, law firms, and legal professionals, and we only work with one firm or attorney in a geographic area. Our goal is to build our clients’ practices by positioning their websites to attract new patients. We believe the best way to do that is to understand lawyer SEO really well, and to recognize the nuances of legal searches from one community to the next. We don’t offer generic SEO packages, because no two law firms and no two cities are alike. Instead, we tailor each proposal to fit a specific law practice in a particular market. And once we go to work for a client, we pour ourselves into helping them out rank and out perform their competition.

Website Overview

Before we offer any SEO services we undertake a thorough review of your law office website. That inspection allows us to detect any past work done on the site, and identify areas that do not maximize your ability to perform well in the search engines. We look at everything from meta and heading tags, schema markups, image alt tags, site structure and interlinking, and other important on-page SEO factors.

Exhaustive Legal Keyword Research

This is the foundation of any successful campaign. We research the keywords that people are actually using to search for legal services in your area. By targeting the higher volume keywords we can generate targeted, relevant traffic to your site. Bringing the right traffic results in higher conversion rates and ultimately more clients for your practice. We’ll provide you with keywords and volume data we find, and let you have the final say in what keywords we target with your campaign. If you’ve ever questioned the value of lawyer seo, you will be convinced after seeing our thorough keyword analysis.

Competition Analysis

One of the most important steps in a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign is analyzing your competition. We will take the keyword research from the previous step, find out what competing firms are generating traffic from the top rankings, and reverse-engineer their sites. We will examine their backlink profiles and site structures to determine the key elements to their success. With that information we can devise a strategy that is tailor made to push you ahead of your competition.

Performance Tracking

Rather than just emailing you a monthly ranking report, we will setup a custom rank tracking portal specifically for your site. It will measure your performance across all the major search engines, and is updated daily. At any time you can check the progress of the campaign, and review history over time. We also regularly update you on any changes we suggest for your campaign, and are available to answer any questions you may have.