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Is Law Firm SEO Worth It?

Law Firm SEO Value
The primary reason why you want to utilize law firm SEO to get first page rankings for your firm is to ensure your website is visible to any potential clients that need the legal services you offer. Google is by far the most popular search engine, providing results for almost 100 billion searches every month. That works out to 3.3 billion searches every day! They are the top search engine used in the United States, providing answers to US searchers over 11 billion times per month. They are particularly dominant in the mobile market, fielding 89% of the searches done on mobile devices.

And particularly important to know for lawyers is that 93% of all buying decisions begin with an Internet search. That means that if you want to bring new business into your firm, you need to have a strong presence online. And by strong presence, we mean you need to have an attractive, functional, and high-converting website that ranks well in the local Google search results for the legal services you offer.

Ranking well means your law firm’s website has first page rankings. Over 91% of searches never go past the first page of results, so if your site isn’t there it isn’t getting seen by most potential clients. In fact, if your website appears on the second page of results, you only get a piece of 4.8% of the search traffic. And that is split among all the other under-performing websites on page 2. Page 3 is even worse, receiving a paltry 1.1% of the clicks. Those statistics underline how crucial it is to show up on page 1.

Further Considerations

If you manage to achieve page one rankings, congratulations! But don’t think you have arrived just yet. Even sites on page one still have a lot of work to do. Esq.Rank works in a number of different local markets, and our experience shows us that there are additional factors necessary to maximize traffic to your site:

  1. How high you rank on the first page matters. That 91% of search traffic that stops on page 1 of the results we mentioned above is not evenly distributed. Studies show that for the average search the #1 result gets 32.5% of the clicks. The #2 result typically gets 17.6%, or roughly half what #1 receives. The #3 averages 11.4% of the traffic, which is only about a third of the total awarded to #1. By the time you get to #10, you can expect only 2.4%. Running the numbers you find out that the #1 lawyer on page 1 gets 13 times the traffic that the #10 firm can expect. Who wouldn’t want 13 times as many new clients?
  2. The legal keywords you target matter. Not all keywords receive the same volume of searches, so it is critical to do research to know which phrases to target. Proper keyword selection can mean a difference of hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site every month. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer SEO company helping you aim for the best searches.

The bottom line is that appearing on page one means your website – and by extension your law firm – is considered one of the best for a particular legal keyword. And undoubtedly that is your aim – to be the best practice in your area. Making sure your site provides what your intended audience is searching for will definitely increase your chances of landing a top spot on Google.