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How Businesses Can Win With Local Search

Law Firm Search Engine OptimizationThe problem with the way that many law firms try to do local search is that they limit their efforts. This is probably due to the fact that some lawyers still don’t really understand how and where local consumers search online for products and services. Once attorneys understand what local search really means, they can begin to cover more bases and begin to really win with local search. If you’re working hard to promote your law firm, it only makes sense to explore the ways that consumers look for firms like yours on the internet.

Search Engines Are Only A Part Of Local Search

When most people think of local search, they immediately think of big search engines. It’s true that many consumers turn to Yahoo!, Bing, and Google to find lawyers in their area, but a majority of local searchers actually turn elsewhere. They might look for smaller and more focused resources that are easier to navigate and can quickly provide the information they want.

Consumers might find these other online platforms by searching before they actually find a local business. In other cases, they may just have these other sites bookmarked because they have found them valuable sources of community information in the past.

To confirm that consumers don’t always search on big search engines first, consider some of the results from a study from Search Engine Land that asked where people began their searches for local services and products:

  1. The big search engines: 36%
  2. Local websites: 15%
  3. Review sites: 7%
  4. Online business directories: 7%
  5. Promos, deals, and coupons: 6%

Yes, more searchers start with a big search engine than start somewhere else. However, ranking and ads on these big search engines can get expensive and competitive. Since a great number of consumers actually start looking for local companies somewhere else, doesn’t it only make sense to cover these too?

How To Expand Local Search Efforts

Here’s an additional benefit of making sure that law offices get mentioned in a variety of online platforms. The citations and links can also help improve search engine rankings and send more direct traffic to the main practice site. This gives lawyers another reason to make sure that their law office gets included in a variety of local search sources.

Consider just some of the many ways to begin enjoying more benefits from local searches for businesses:

  • Encourage reviews on review sites: While law firm SEO agencies are sure that Google reviews help with local SEO, reviews on other platforms might help too. Even if they don’t, they are still worth it for the direct traffic they might send.
  • Get included in industry-specific and local business directories: If your community or type of practice has online directories, it only makes sense to make sure that your law firm has been mentioned there.
  • Improve local search factors on the main site: By including pages for local neighborhoods and communities, your site has a better chance to rank for these areas. You might also incorporate local names in area-specific pages of your website.

This list hardly includes everything. Other good ideas might include uploading videos to large video sites, sponsoring local charities for mentions on their websites, and many more.

Cover More Local Search Platforms For Greater Visibility

By getting included in more platforms, you can help increase your firm’s visibility. It is more likely that consumers can find you when they want or need the legal services that you offer. In addition, your efforts are bound to make you more visible on the big search engines too.

Once you understand where your neighbors are really searching online, you can make sure that your law firm is right there for them to find! Otherwise, you are bound to lose business to competitors that spent more time figuring out how local people look for businesses.

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