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5 Advantages A Lawyer SEO Company Offers

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When it comes to search engine optimization, it can be very tempting for attorneys to roll up their sleeves and try to learn the information themselves, or even look to an on-staff marketer, IT specialist, or web guy to pick up those skills and handle it themselves. While this instinct to boot strap is understandable, it’s not a smart move. SEO is critical to any law firm’s success, but there’s a reason an entire industry has been built around it.

If you want to be able to compete, you need to hire a professional law firm SEO company and just what it is they bring to the table.

#1: The Research Time

The keyword research time can take dozens or even hundreds of hours depending on the size of the campaign. Most firms don’t have that type of time to use on a marketing project and even if they do, that time can be better spent on finding new clients, opening new accounts, and doing the other things that will help their practice succeed.

The research is going to take even more time without the right tools, training, and experience. These are things that a professional agency will have but any company trying to do SEO in house isn’t going to be able to take care of the keyword research at all.

#2: Special Subscription Tools

There isn’t a professional SEO consulting agency that doesn’t have a variety of paid tools at their disposal. These tools gather information about keywords, about competition, and about how competitive each market is, whether local or national. This isn’t information that is easily available, and often takes one or more software programs to gather and organize.

A person diving into SEO would have to know which tools are worth it, versus those that aren’t, and have the budget to spend accordingly.

#3: Pre-Aged Infrastructure

There are many different factors that go into search engine optimization, and some of those options are impossible to speed up. Back links from guest blogs, established websites, and already established directories are a critical part of ranking over the competition, especially in high competition niches like law practices.

No one has these just starting from scratch, but many SEO agencies have spent years building networks of active and aged websites and directories. That means they have access to all these tools that are impossible to create out of thin air overnight.

#4: They’re Already Ahead Of The Game

One of the major competitive advantages that attorney SEO agencies have is that they are already established and ahead of the game. That means even if a business learns about SEO, pours in hundreds of hours of effort, and tackles it themselves, a competitor can get ahead simply by hiring a quality lawyer SEO agency who has the tools to rank your competition quickly.

Any law firm up against a competitor utilizing a professional attorney SEO agency better have one of their own to respond.

#5: The ROI Is Insane

Considering that over 50% of all buying decisions start online, and over 90% of all online searches end with one of the first page results, any law firm not on the first page is losing out big time. Since the majority of searchers check out one of the top three results, getting one of those coveted spots can sometimes increase business several times over.

A great SEO campaign run by a professional agency is one of the best long term investments a law practice can make.

Making The Smart Decision

When you’re figuring out what your best return on investment (ROI) is you need to take every single factor into consideration. This includes amount of time spent on a campaign, the additional business brought in short and long term from ranking online, and how efficiently the process goes. When all the different factors are taken under consideration, it’s obvious hiring a high quality lawyer SEO company is the way to go!